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Palace Size

Palace Size Rugs

10' x 13' & Larger

Large Area

Large Area Rugs

6' x 9' - 10' x 13'

Medium Area

Medium Area Rugs

3' x 5' - 6' x 9

Palace Size

Scatter Rugs

Less Than 3' x 5'


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where do your rugs come from?


All of our rugs come from one big machine located in Georgia, south of Atlanta. All right, that's a gag...

Our estate (used) rugs come from Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Cuacuses (e.g. Uzbekistan, Dhagestan, Armenia, Turkey, etc.). Some pieces are purchased abroad and imported. Our old Persian and Caucasian pieces are typically purchased Stateside at auctions and estate sales.

Our new product is generally imported from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Tibet, Nepal etc.

Question: You're prices seem low. Why?


Why thank you! We pride ourselves on offering fair prices on rugs and being able to take some of the 'mystery' out of the rug purchasing process. We are a direct importer of all of our new carpets and this creates a lower price point that we are happy to pass along to the customer.

Question: My rug needs cleaning -- where should I go?


We can help, we clean rugs! General cleaning of rugs costs $1.50 per square foot. An exception to that price would be if the rug has been victim to animal 'marking', then the rug cleaning will cost $2.25 per square foot because of the extra care that it's given.